The Mayo Clinic Testimonials


“Mayo Clinic has had a profound impact on my flying career. I unexpectedly lost my medical due to a cancer diagnosis. I beat the illness; yet returning to the cockpit would symbolically signify my return to good health. I was able to get the information I needed for certification, then I visited the Mayo Clinic flight physicians and was overjoyed to learn that I could receive a new first class medical in hours-- not months as I had expected. My Mayo AME called the FAA's physician reviewer after my exam -- it was that simple. I left Rochester that night with a new medical and the final page turned in one of my life's most challenging chapters. I remain cancer free -- but I still make the trip from Chicago to Mayo for each FAA Medical appointment. I entrust them with my health; I entrust them with my livelihood.”

Bradley R. Sunshine

Assistant Chief Pilot Captain B-737, CL-605

The Boeing Company Executive Flight Operations


“I talked to four AME's who said I would never fly again. On advice from a pilot friend I connected with Mayo Clinic. They reviewed my case and called the FAA officials in Washington DC directly. I had my certificate before I knew it. Their knowledge of the condition and the process was critical. When you are with Mayo you know your case will be handled quickly and efficiently. If you want the best, you go to the best.”

Stephanie Acomb,


Orange County, California


“Over time, we have developed great relationships with the Mayo. Our pilots understand the trust relationships needed to do what they do well. Their interests are our interests.”

Glenn Jones,

Former Director of Aviation

Steelcase, Inc. Grand Rapids, Michigan