Mayo Clinic has more than 80 years of experience in aerospace research, education and patient care. Whether helping pilots with their healthcare needs, or developing medical devices and oxygen delivery systems for use inflight, Mayo Clinic Aerospace Medicine has something for every aviator, flight department, aircraft manufacturer or medical provider.

Mayo Clinic Aerospace Medicine

The Mayo Clinic Aerospace Medicine program is a valuable resource for pilots, aircraft manufacturers, airlines, pilot organizations, and corporate flight departments. From routine Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot medical exams to complex medical and occupational evaluations for aviators needing Special Issuance authorizations, the Mayo Clinic programs in Aerospace Medicine offer a comprehensive set of medical services for recreational, business aviation flight crews, professional air transport personnel and even individuals traveling to high-altitude environments on land or in the air. 

HIMS Support

Pilots with alcohol or substance dependency or those being treated for depression, anxiety, or a specific psychiatric medical condition may be required by the FAA to have an evaluation, testing, and monitoring by HIMS (Human Intervention Motivation Study) providers. Mayo Clinic Aerospace Medicine is the most complete and comprehensive HIMS program in the United States. 

The FAA considers pilots for medical certification when a HIMS AME utilizes the following FAA CERTIFICATION AIDWe will navigate this complicated application process for you. 

Mayo Clinic Clear Approach can answer questions regarding the FAA HIMS Program and how it may apply to your situation. Full HIMS support is offered at our Mayo Clinic location in Rochester, MN. To get started with the Mayo Clinic HIMS Program, CLICK HERE and our team will respond quickly.  

Symptom Checker

The Mayo Clinic Symptom Checker allows you to choose a variety of factors related to your symptom, in order to help you narrow the potential medical conditions related to your symptom. This tool does not incorporate all the personal, health and demographic factors related to you, individually, that would allow a definitive cause or causes to be suggested.

The most reliable way to determine the cause of your symptom, and what to do, is to visit your health-care provider.

Mayo Clinic Clear Approach to Medical Certification can address how a specific medical condition affects pilot medical certification.

Drugs, Medications and Supplements

The Mayo Clinic Drug and Supplement database allows you to search for prescription medications, over-the-counter medications and supplements. This tool provides information only and does not consider take into consideration medical diagnosis, possible drug interactions, or how it affects your ability to operate an aircraft. Utilize Mayo Clinic Clear Approach to Medical Certification for questions about medications and supplements and how they may affect pilot medical certification or the ability to operate an aircraft.

Diseases and Conditions

The Mayo Clinic Disease and Conditions database provides comprehensive guides on hundreds of conditions with that is easily searchable. Utilize Mayo Clinic Clear Approach to Medical Certification to ask one or our Senior AMEs how a disease or medical condition affect pilot medical certification. 


Clear Approach Podcast

The Mayo Clinic Clear Approach Podcast is a monthly podcast featuring topics important to pilots. Our team of AMEs and health experts talk about routine to complex issues that affect pilot health and FAA medical Certification.

Contact us if you have a request or recommendation for an upcoming podcast. 

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